Cross-cultural surprises

Charlotte Courtois podcast

Cross-cultural surprises

Charlotte Courtois podcast

Surprises Interculturelles is the podcast that takes you on a journey to better understand the world's cultures.

🎙️ I'm Charlotte Courtois, lecturer and expert in cultural diversity and intercultural management. I'm also the founder of the UNESCO-accredited NGO Konstelacio, which educates children around the world about dialogue between cultures.
Passionate about cultures, in the plural, but also about stories of all kinds (also known as storytelling), I'll be sharing my travel anecdotes with you to help you decode and decipher our cultural differences.

🌎 "Intercultural Surprises" is all about traveling the world, customs and traditions, discovering the Other and discovering yourself. Whether you're a comfort or backpack traveler, an expatriate, an immigrant (it's all the same at the end of the day!) or even an HR or international mobility enthusiast, this podcast is for everyone who's curious about the world and its inhabitants!

🗝️ Tips and tricks for living and working abroad, and for visiting other countries (and why not our own!) with a little less confusion.

✔️ By understanding each other, we all feel better about our society and our humanity. What's more, it's good for cohesion, creativity and performance, in everyday life as well as in the workplace.

🕯️ It requires a good dose of curiosity and vulnerability, but it's so worth it!

📅 Surprises interculturelles is a bimonthly podcast supplemented by special interviews with other travelers and expatriates throughout the year.

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Happy listening!

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