[Podcast] Balance ton héroïne FR

Educating young people for peace through intercultural dialogue

A dialogue between Charlotte Courtois and Géraldine Jackowski (in French)

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I am delighted (and proud!) to share the latest episode of the 'Balance ton héroïne' podcast, where I am a guest.

Being interviewed by Géraldine JACKOWSKI is already quite wonderful, but knowing that her list of guests includes such inspiring individuals as journalist and author Cyrielle HARIEL, UNESCO Artist for Peace Guila Clara Kessous, world champion freediver Arthur GUERIN, and the founder of Wominds and the 'Fix it' show, Elodie Dratler...

What an honor!

And it is always such a pleasure to be able to share what we do with our NGO, Konstelacio, to educate young people on peace and intercultural dialogue.

I thus invite you to discover the interview to hear me talk about diversity, culture, our NGO's ambassador Bérénice Bejo, our projects, our UNESCO accreditation... And many other things that restore faith in humanity, something we really need!

Happy listening!


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