I love to talk... especially at UNESCO!

I like to talk... Ok I already told you, I also like to ramble so!

But there are days when talking has a special flavor. Such was the case last November in Rabat, where I presented Konstelacio to UNESCO.

Some background...
👉 For those who don't know yet, Konstelacio is my baby. "A beautiful baby" as they say. It's an NGO I founded in 2011 when I was young, passionate and optimistic (some things don't change!) to educate the very young about peace and cultural diversity.
An NGO sponsored by actress Bérénice Bejo, with international projects including some sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.
An NGO that has raised awareness among nearly 4,000 children in 12 countries.
👉 My teenage dream was to work for UNESCO
👉 OR Konstelacio was accredited this summer to hold consultative functions with the Intergovernmental Committee of UNESCO's 2003 Commission for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (note my respect for protocol with this long-winded turn of phrase 😉).
👉 In November 2022, the said committee was meeting in Rabat for its 17th working session.

And I was there!


And I had the pleasure, the joy, the honor of having a good 10 minutes to present our commitment and the projects we've been carrying out with Konstelacio for the past 12 years.

🏆 This accreditation means that we are recognized as experts in safeguarding intangible cultural heritage, and that the committee in question can turn to us to benefit from our perspective on the issues it deals with. It also means that we're joining the Forum of accredited NGOs, and that we'll be able to network, co-construct, think together, and advance this subject that's so close to our hearts.

November 27, 2022, Rabat, Morocco, a proud moment.


PS: I even had the pleasure of talking to Audrey Azoulay, Director General of UNESCO, who gave us her patronage for the Lyra musical project when she was Minister of Culture a few years ago.


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