Episode 4 | The time I played cat-and-mouse with a gypsy dancer

Cross-cultural surprises

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In this episode set in India, I tell you about the time I had to play cat-and-mouse with a gypsy dancer (and almost became a goat!) only to learn the joys of adaptability and spontaneity.
Based on a simple anecdote, I tell you about one of those countries where things rarely go as planned, and the hidden positive side of this cultural aspect that can sometimes drive us crazy.
Here are the links I mention in the episode:
👉 THE clip that was so complicated to shoot and that we are so proud of
👉 And a little teaser "video postcard" from Jaipur
👉 For more videos of Konstelacio's actions, visit his Youtube page.
Whether you're an expatriate, a traveller or just curious about cultures and diversity, this podcast is for you!

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